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You will be able to get the game on majority of platforms. The game will feature in app purchases of more content, including more story and characters to interact with. Why wouldn't you want more?

About Experience!

  • The principal’s office

    The principal’s office

    Why? Why are we there? Did someone get caught? Did someone get punished? Or is it the principal who is
  • At the playground

    At the playground

    Hold on.. Different graphics? So, is this a new scenario?
  • Through the fence

    Through the fence

    The game starts with a primary school students getting out
  • Text in Game

    Text in Game

    During the game players will be able to choose from a number of options and each will create a new

You choose how your own story goes! Will you choose to run away? Or will you choose to stand still? Follow the journey of elementary students at their school. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to make choices that affect the course of the story. The game will have a different ending depending on what you choose through your game play. Play through many different scenarios, each with new and exciting potential endings.

Experience is an interactive visual novel with tough decisions to make and a host of vivid characters to interact with. There is a world of beautiful painted scenery to roam without a care, only watch your mouth; the world may not be on your side for long. With a unique and pleasing music pieces, you will be the one to govern how the story unfolds around you as you go through your youth as a student of Mountain Entrance Monument Elementary School.

Your voice is power, your words are your tools and you decisions are crucial to create an irresistible narrative, one that you will be the one to bring to life.

Experience is a game kids can play to create their own story. The game immerses young players in a world where they decide how the story flows. The game starts in a familiar environment, like school and home and produces scenarios that young people may be confronted with in their own personal lives. The game has beautiful original art and lighthearted music to make the player enjoy their time in the game. It not only explores social problems, but how decisions has a consequence that can alter your story, in the game, and in real life!12991997_993754987366828_544436954_o